The first World Week Challenge in Wonderland is about to play, and all cities have hanging screens to watch the live events of a game, and the number of applicants for the first time seriously exceeds the expected number. One person is not enough to participate in the 9-level group.
All wonderland players are taking a rest day today. After all, for the first time in a long time, there is a competition that really decides the strong. Everyone wants to know who is the strongest in the game.
Many players came to the capital early in the morning on Sunday. At that time, the streets of the capital were full of people, and finally, NPC guards were forced to restrict the flow of people to let the players enter the venue one after another.
I and Disease Law are sent to two new maps to wait, but we can watch his game through the hanging screen, and my leapfrog challenge will be carried out at the end. The first round will be LV7LV79, LVLV9 and LV9LV99, and the second round will be different levels of challenges.
There is a rule for leapfrog challenges. First, the top three challenges of LV7 and LV7LV79 are decided, and then the top three challenges of LVLV9 are decided, and so on!
I was arranged in the thirteenth game in my group and the disease method was arranged in the first game in the ninth class. Before the game, he boasted, "I’ll show you what it means to fight the sky with Niu B!" "
I replied mercilessly, "Hum, it’s only by exploiting my surplus value."
The first venue of the official game is automatically selected by the system. There is no limit to the means and methods of PK. If one party surrenders or dies, it will be defeated. Of course, death in the game will be downgraded. This is also the cruelty of the challenge. How many days will it take to practice for level 9 and level 1? Maybe you can’t practice for one level in a week. If you accidentally die one more time while practicing, you’ll be in trouble.
On the other hand, I carefully watched different professional fighting methods through the hanging screen. Unfortunately, his opponent turned out to be an LV91 hunter. In fairyland, hunters can be said to be natural enemies of wizards. Their long attack distance and powerful attack power make wizards very likely to be shot down before casting spells.
When two people enter the venue separately, this kind of fighting is sometimes limited to two minutes at most, and it must be ended. If it is not over, the system will judge who wins and who loses.
The hunter’s name is Jet. When he took a huge white bow from his back, he whistled at the eagle’s shoulder and immediately flew into the sky, but the soul staff looked at each other with cold eyes and indifference. I didn’t know that he would have such a resolute look when I got along with the disease for so long, and his face made people feel a strong sense of righteousness.
In my eyes, the original fight with obvious advantages and disadvantages was a technical skill battle. Others may not know it, but he has been practicing with the disease and law for so many days. He is really keen on grasping the time and environment, and as far as I am concerned, I can’t judge and react so calmly and quickly in the fight
Tongyin announced "Competition!" The first battle horse in class 9
The first method of the game is to find shelter immediately and confront the hunter in the open ground, which is to die unless you have a swordsmen column with high health.
Hunters also set traps, but there are two kinds of needs for the mage column. One is to locate the trap once it is hit, and the other is to wait for death. Once it is hit, the magic power disappears by half. This is specifically for the mage, but the hunter’ jet’ certainly didn’t expect to find a place closer to the hunter. A level 1 [rocket art] was sent by the hunters. Now it takes about 3 seconds to sing the spell of level 1 rocket art for this sudden attack on the hunter. Until the mage will come forward and wait for him to react, [Rocket Art] has already hit the body, but the hunter’s health is also quite high. At least 61 [Rocket Art] can consume about half of his health. The hunter’s skill [Binyamen] is aimed at the disease with a broken wind, but the body shape of the disease is blocked, but it still rushes over. In the hunter’s expectation, the mage should have 45 health at most, and he can knock off the other side by one blow [Binyamen], so he won’t help himself first. A [dyadic] shot past, and the figure of the disease stopped again. When the hunter was preparing to do it again for the third time, the distance was enough. A disease method did not need to be sung. 1 [Freezing] was thrown at the hunter to meet the sharp icicles and skates on the ground. In front of the hunter in [Freezing], another [dyadic] shot out, but when the hunter was stopped, he was horrified to see that the disease method rushed in as if nothing had happened, and it was expected that the white light of the mage would disappear.When the’ freezing’ effect ends for seven seconds, a level 1 [lightning stroke] is sent out again. In the sky, a huge ice-blue curved thunder has deflected the water from the frozen hunter’s’ jet’, so 2% life damage will be added to the ice. Of course, the hunter turns into a white light and disappears.
All the players who watched this game were shocked. In fairyland, it is well known that the mage is not qualified for shoes in front of hunters. Generally, it takes two or three [two arrows] to make the mage fall, but in front of him, the mage has made three strikes [two arrows]. Nothing happened and he didn’t make up his life value. Moreover, an LV99 mage hasn’t changed his job to become a wizard or sage, which surprised many people. However, more large and small guilds investigate this sudden powerful person, and they are imagining that if he can be admitted into the guild.
I smiled with satisfaction and sent a private chat to Jifa to congratulate him on his promotion. He replied, "Just now, the hunter’s eyes made me feel so comfortable. It took three [two arrows] to hit me, and I didn’t have enough life to pity him. It feels so good to be a strong person in vain!" Of course, I ridiculed his words, but when I saw the heroic appearance of the disease, my heart was boiling with blood, and my stage will be in a few minutes!
The third chapter dark horse takes shape
The third chapter dark horse takes shape
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The third chapter dark horse takes shape
After watching the disease competition, I know that he still has a chance to enter the top three. After all, there are not many challenges from level 9, and many people still attach great importance to their own level. It is not worth the loss to downgrade like that hunter.
I also arrived at the PK field during the competition. I looked at the man in front of me, but he knew he was an assassin. I wondered if I was destined to be an assassin. How can I see assassins everywhere?
Before the game, both sides prepared him to poison two knives in his hand, and then hold two silver knives in his hands. At first glance, he knew that those two things were at least third-class weapons, and he was wearing a gas mask designed for assassins. At first glance, he knew that he was going to poison the main attack.
However, when I walked into the venue, all the people watching the game quickly changed channels to watch something else, because what’s good about a beginner playing an assassin? It was a wave, so not many people knew about me before I entered the top three.
There was a sneer in the assassin’s eyes, but he was shocked for a moment because he saw the effect of a novice waiter’s skill [angel blessing] (short-term increase in agility and hit) and [acceleration] (short-term increase in attack speed and movement) added to himself [angel barrier] (short-term increase in team members’ defense). After the third ring, a huge bell rang, the game was announced.
I didn’t need to dodge and went straight to the assassin. I moved the assassin’s horse and woke up. A [disguise] made the assassin disappear immediately, but in a moment he opened his mouth wide and couldn’t speak. Because I made a red flame spin around me [fire hunting] (looking for hidden characters), I was a few meters away from the assassin. He was also a talent. In a moment, the horse used the assassin’s skill [virus spread] and immediately I dyed a purple light in the 10-meter range around him. I must have been poisoned. I immediately made a circle of white light around my body and the symptoms of purple poisoning disappeared immediately. The assassin was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. Even when I walked beside him, I forgot that I put my arm around his shoulder and said, "Brother, do you give up?" You can’t beat me, and I think you’re good. Why don’t you follow me? Make sure you are popular and spicy. "
The assassin is too shocked to speak now, but he also knows that his little material root is not enough. At present, this man fights, listens, surrenders to Tong Ma and exchanges business cards with me, and then comes to me after the competition. Through the business card, I know that his name is’ Dark Fire’.
When the dark fire left the competition field, he looked at the business card and exclaimed, "It turns out that he is elegant and really strong!" Looks like we found a good dock. "
When I finished the first game, the disease method was also played in the second game. This time, his opponent was an LV93 dancer MM who was wearing sexy clothes. I just finished the race and saw the disease method running all over the field. I was wondering what happened. When the camera turned, the horse saw a cute MM behind him chasing after him with a professional weapon’ whip’ in his hand. It was white at first glance. It must be that he was indecent when he saw the color, but he was whipped everywhere by others. I wanted to laugh when I saw his bear.
There are three minutes left in 2 minutes, and the guy seems to have played almost as well. When he turned around, his face was no longer that kind of scared expression, but a cold expression. The dancer MM who was chasing him was also startled by his sudden holding and immediately stopped.
"MM, are you not willing to tell me your name? Well, I’m going to start work. "
"Hum to death * * * If you have something, come and see me. I will promise you anything if I don’t beat you to the ground."
"Ha ha, this is what you said. Now live broadcast, don’t deny it."
"Do you think I am you? Cut the crap and stop running around."
As soon as dancer MM finished speaking, she shook her whip and threw an arrow in her hand. A dozen sharp arrows rushed to the disease, but the disease caused high health, so there was no need to dodge. However, he seemed to have another idea, that is,’ showing the advantages and hiding the disadvantages’, which made a small ice peak rise immediately, blocking some arrows and rushing to the dancer for a moment. Dancer MM almost certainly died, because a professional dancer turned to be an archer. People’s super-strong attack power and super-long attack range still have a natural professional advantage for the mage team. What’s worse, there is a mage without super-strong magic of wizards and special magic of sages, so the dancer MM does not hesitate to rush to the disease method [scream] (in a fixed range, it may make the enemy dizzy) to use the disease method. This time, he is very lucky, but he knows that it is hard to say a [dark barrier] to throw his feet [call of the holy spirit] and fly to the dancer MM continuously. Winning the five Holy Spirit Ball dancers MM obviously didn’t hurt the dancer’s skills much [Don’t forget me] (enemy players in the range of 10 meters reduced their moving speed and attack speed by one time). As soon as they made it out, a large piece of land including dancer MM and disease method appeared with little green notes. The dancer MM’s high-pitched song rang (the dancer made most of the skills sing), and the singing of disease method was immediately slowed down, while the whip in the dancer MM’s hand was drawn to the disease method "beep beep beep beep beep beep" very quickly.Seven attacks in a row have blocked this moment, but the [dark barrier] department has finished singing nine sharp ice arrows dive from the sky to the place where the dancer MM stands, but the dancer MM doesn’t hope to hit the ice arrow hard, and continues to strike the eleven hard defenses crazily. The dancer MM also attacked the body of the disease, and every whip made a "beep beep beep beep" crunchy, but at the moment, the dancer MM almost forgot to attack when she saw the smiling face of the disease, and even someone would laugh when the dancer MM reacted. When the soul stick in the hands of the disease method swept away towards the dancer MM’s plate, we can know from the horrified expression of the dancer MM that this made her suffer from the damage of life value. Certainly, many dancers MM lying on the ground immediately took out the white potion (red, yellow, orange and white) and drank it, but this moment the disease method [freezing technique] hit, but this time it didn’t freeze the dancer MM back to her life value, and the dancer MM immediately left because she knew that the mage had a strong attack, and it was to die in close combat. Although it was not white, the wise choice was, of course, the
Of course, the disease method won’t let the dancer MM throw a [petrification] as she wishes. Because the disease method is strong, the success rate of [petrification] is correspondingly affected. If the [freezing] doesn’t hit the dancer MM this time, she won’t be so lucky. Suddenly, she was completely wrapped in thin gray mud.
The disease method went to the dancer MM. He knew that there were ten seconds in the dancer MM’s ear when the petrochemical was fixed and said, "Give up?"
Look at the dancer MM, who was so angry that he wanted to kill his eyes. A [rocket technique] plus three sticks hit the dancer MM and disappeared into a white light.
Unified announced that "the player wins by disease!"
The fourth chapter first three
The fourth chapter, the first three, the fourth chapter, the first three
One afternoon, the capital region was like a battlefield. Many failed players came out of the players’ lounge crying and cursing. Of course, others didn’t look at them all the time, but more of them advanced all the way. One afternoon, LV7LV79 was left, and the other groups all chose the top ten. Of course, both Disease and Law and I won the top three and the leapfrog challenge in the afternoon, but I’m not famous for the disease and law. This guy killed his opponent in a gorgeous way in the game, and no player surrendered himself. Therefore, he was also called "hunting mage"
As for me, few people watch my game, and my opponent will never tell anyone if he tells others that I was killed by a beginner, then he can’t wash away his shame by jumping off a building to commit suicide.
At noon, I discussed the details of the battle with the disease method, such as what spell should be used when attacking, whether to hit three roads or three roads. At noon, it was not enough for us to say a few words.
Speaking of it, we seem to have a relationship with the underground waterway. The place where we are chatting now is the underground waterway. If we are chatting in the capital now, let alone that I am already famous enough. Now I am a hot hand, and many guilds are vying for it. Of course, they can’t do it because I have to build my own guild. How can I let my number one general go to others? However, if I go undercover, I don’t object to the means to achieve my goal. It’s still unnecessary to plan too much. This is a time when I was fighting for hegemony. Although I don’t remember it, this sentence has become my motto.
☆        ☆        ☆
The horse race is coming in the afternoon, and I immediately prepared everything with the disease method. Speaking of it, we didn’t have a bottle of white potion or an ice cream (plus a small amount of health and magic power) all afternoon.
In the top ten games, I played the first game with Disease Law, so I couldn’t see his game. I walked into the venue and immediately attracted a burst of ridicule from the players.
"You see a beginner in the top ten. The guy who competes with him is an idiot."
"God, it turns out that others in this group are so weak. If I had known, I would have participated."
"You are optimistic about cuteness, and the first heart actually appears in the top ten."
Of course, in addition to these retarded people, there are still wise people who can see why, including Linbing, and now I’m really against him
Tianwu in the lounge of LV9LV99 group is watching my game, and she is wondering,’ How do you feel that I have seen this person before? I just can’t remember’.
The soldiers in the small town attached to the capital are also watching my game, but he thinks it’s another matter.’ Elegant and unexpected, you will lift the wanted order. What are you doing? A beginner can make it into the top ten. Let me see if you are qualified to be my opponent. There are not many people in this game who are my opponents. Hahahaha!’
My opponent in the competition is a wizard who may have just changed his job. Judging from his equipment, he must be the main force of a guild.
Similarly, as soon as I entered the venue, I used three skills [angel blessing] [acceleration] [angel barrier], but this time I almost made many players fall to the ground and watched a beginner use his skills.
And my opponent, the wizard, didn’t know whether he was good at cultivating kung fu or was stunned and didn’t move at all.
Unified announced that "the game!"
I haven’t fought against wizards yet, but their skills are really very good. If you give them enough time, it’s equivalent to digging your own grave.
Acceleration enabled me to approach the wizard at a super speed. As soon as the wizard saw me in the past, he threw his feet with a [dark barrier] without singing [ice blade wall], and immediately made four huge ice walls square to wrap the wizard’s body. I knew at a glance that I had met an old hand. Although this person was not high in rank, he was definitely strong.
I immediately make a [mental cohesion] (short-term high agility and avoidance rate can overlap with other skills) and then hide to make the appearance disappear immediately.
The wizard is reciting the ultimate spell of ice [blizzard], and now he is just in the middle of reciting it when he suddenly sees that his opponent has disappeared. His opponent has disappeared and he is about to finish reading [blizzard], and he doesn’t know where to throw it.
However, the sorcerer who has been singing incantations will stop the magic unless he is interrupted by an attack. Finally, the powerful effect of throwing a snowstorm at his side will be immediately displayed. A snowy white cloud wind suddenly appears in the range of 20 meters. The PK field suddenly blows a strong wind and blows the snowflakes floating from the clouds all over the sky. The sharp snowflakes scrape all the objects in the range with extremely fast speed. An ice wall beside the sorcerer immediately collapses into pieces of broken ice [snowstorm]. The effect is thirteen seconds. I silently count’ one, two, three …
As soon as the time came, I immediately showed up and threw a [slow-down technique] at him. The wizard wanted to recite the spell again, but it was too late. There was a gap in the ice wall. I ducked into the ice wall, and the leader’s sword pointed at the wizard’s head, so I immediately killed the poor little wizard with a [holy spirit call].
Pat your ass easily. I’ll send some to the lounge