The evil spirits in his path fled like birds and beasts, preferring to be involved in the sea of blood and suffer forever rather than get close to him.
The sky suddenly exploded with thunder, and a dark blue Lei Guang was instantly and heavily split in the man’s body
He flew upside down and steadied himself after raising the dust all over the ground.
The man covered his heart and looked up at the top of his head and kept gathering in Lei Yun.
After the clouds, a strange blue giant eye slowly emerged and stared at him without emotion.
The evil wind of hell road blows up the corner of men’s robes.
His eyes flashed a little sarcasm "Heaven?"
For a moment, the red sickle in his hand rotates and flies straight to the sky. The eyes suddenly break and the sickle returns to his hand.
The man looked up at the deep edge of the broken eye as calm as a dry well.
Once again, a dense Lei Yun gathered overhead, and an unprecedented huge thunder net was derived from the virtual reality and condensed into a dense group, and the impenetrable wind pressed towards him.
The thunder pressure made the man’s blood robe soar, and it was as small as a grain of dust compared with Skynet.
But he didn’t dodge.
In front of the thunder net cover, he turned around and withstood the thunder and threw his left hand red sickle at the same time.
Sickle to sell with sharp broken, full day thunder to compete with terrorist energy desperate to fly forward.
-eventually split in the distance that isolated two purgatory door.
Chapter 17 Chapter 17
The whole life has failed me, and I have failed the whole life
The nangongshan dust raised his eyes, and the original moist eyes were filled with blood because of the strength.
"It’s not past me to bear a hundred days of thunder." The doll teacher looked back at Taotao. "No wonder this girl has a sacred purifying power …"
It suddenly became solemn. "You killed me 300 years ago and reduced me to ten purgatory, remember?"
The nangongshan dust calm way "I don’t remember"
"If you kill me once and save me again, it’s even, and I don’t blame you."
The nangongshan dust is still calm "thank you"
Taotao knelt down in pain and frowned at the doll teacher’s words.
It seems to know Nangong Dust. It says Nangong Dust was struck by a hundred thunderbolts. What’s the matter? Didn’t he stay injured when he broke free from the ten purgatory circles?
The nangongshan dust looked back at the place where the peach body was hit by the ten-color demon seal. Although there was no bleeding, the seal left a ten-color light mark on her body.
Taotao was entangled in ten-color demon spirits, and she almost couldn’t breathe. She tried to touch the demon seal with her hand, but it was burnt back by the demon.
Nangong Dust spoke softly, "Give me the demon seal cracking technique."
The doll teacher’s face is clouded. "Dear, we are the same kind. This world is untrustworthy, the spiritual teacher is untrustworthy, and the heaven is even more untrustworthy. Aren’t you whiter than me?"
"I won’t save her. If she wants to kill me, let her die." The doll teacher looked at Taotao with a cruel look. "We will have to wait for a few hundred days, and the purgatory will be broken. I am willing to help you. Then all human beings should struggle in the sea of blood. Only in this way can you compensate for your ups and downs in Asura for a hundred years."
"Isn’t this the moment when you personally smashed the ten purgatory doors?"
When I heard this, Taotao suddenly raised her eyes regardless of her severe pain.
The doll teacher said that the ten-square purgatory door was smashed by Nangong dust.
She was stunned for a moment.
"Don’t you give it?" The nangongshan dust gently whirled up her eyebrows, and the residual red light in her eyes deepened, and the blood overflowed her eyes.
He appeared in front of the doll teacher in an empty moment.
There were five spiritual masters before his death, and the puppet master was not weak, otherwise it would never have broken through the second boundary of the ten-square purgatory and returned to the people.
But when the Nangong dust was in front of it, it actually felt a powerful and suffocating fear.
Its body can’t move without being controlled.
The Nangong dust sound is as soft as the Sanskrit sound coming from the sky, "The demon seal of ten colors can still be solved."
The puppet master looked frightened. He just told it to crack the law and said that he had no intention of killing it.
But after it said that sentence, he was murdered.
"How much strength do you have left after being injured by lightning? If you want to kill me, you must move your soul source. Aren’t you afraid of the daylights out?" Cried the puppet master
Nangong Dust raised his hand, but his fingers were slender but as cold and white as ice and snow.
In the incredible eyes of the doll teacher, it was caught by Nangong dust.
His silence is the ultimate, and everyone can break up and be calm, as if the world is noisy and stained with him, and a corner is quiet and cruel.
The puppet master’s eyes are scattered, but he can see his deep red eyes with his eyes open.
Why kill it even if you move your soul?
Did it say something wrong?
One second before losing consciousness, the doll teacher suddenly saw a startled girl behind the Nangong dust.
It seems to be white, but it’s too late.
The doll teacher’s new body collapsed to the ground, and its soul was picked at the fingertips by Nangong dust.
Nangong dust indifferently grinds the soul of the doll master into dust and watches him in Taotao, sending the dust to his lips and swallowing it.
At the moment when the doll teacher died, the colorful demon light of Taotao’s body dissipated and the pain disappeared with it.
But she still didn’t come to her senses. She remembered seeing him devour evil things like this in her dream.
Wang Debao said that thousands of resentful souls in the lake disappeared after the death of people in the maze village.
When she asked Nangong Dust, his answer was ambiguous.
At the moment, a horrible thought came into her mind. Did he eat the mysterious and disappearing soul in the maze?
Taotao looked at Nangong Dust. The man was as handsome as she remembered, but now he made her feel very strange.
His blood around him is dazzling, his eyes are full of blood, and his face is frosty.
In front of her, he easily killed a five-strain doll teacher and swallowed its soul into his mouth without blinking.
He never looked at her from beginning to end.
Come back to panic and gasp. See you later. See you later. Ji Xiaoyu, the puppet master, finally came to her senses.
She watched in horror as she squatted on the ground with her hands on her head and cried.
The girl screamed at the top of her lungs. "What have I done?"
Taotao walked over.
The girl raised her tearful eyes and looked at Taotao. "I killed people. I killed many people. I skinned them alive. I pulled the bones out of his body and dug her flesh … I also pushed Yu Hang upstairs. How could I do such a thing … It seems normal for me to kill people in my body in those days. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but it is murder …"
Taotao said lightly, "They were at fault first."