The army of witches has arrived!
The sky was defeated by the demon army, but the witch army held its breath and wanted to find a place to wash away its shame all the time.
It was their earth accomplishment that followed the trail of the demon army for a moment and followed it all the way.
this time
They must destroy the demon army.
On the way to attack, the Wu army automatically formed a law, and the surrounding earth became an organic whole.
This is a congenital turbid gas array!
The innate array inscribed on the vast land is the most common array and the most powerful array after the twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits when the wizards fight in all directions.
Wu clan army demon clan army once again became a group.
Previously, the sky war was not the home of the witches. They used their strength to play the role of the witch army, not the opponent of the demon army.
But now it’s different. The power of the witch tribe standing on the earth can continue to burst into a stronger force.
It is still unknown who will win or lose between the two communities.
Suirenshi and others, some wait for a while watched this scene, and they all planned to fight to the death, but they didn’t expect this kind of change to happen.
But soon they reacted and quickly killed the demon race.
"You kill your witch friends with me to relieve some pressure."
The disparity in the strength of the demon tribe and the witch tribe is too great, even if the witch tribe occupies the home court advantage, it may not win.
It was because of this that Suiren decided to help the Wizards, otherwise it would be their turn when the Wizards were defeated.
The situation of the square demon army is not good. There are four powerful smells in heaven that rise to the sky and come to the vast land for culling.
Obviously, this is another four pick Jin Xian!
Occupy the rich place of heaven, occupy the whole galaxy and add a huge population.
It would be a surprise if the number of demon pick Jin Xian was just as good as that of witch!
There must be a lot of pick Jin Xian hidden in the demon race, and there may be a quasi-holy realm that has never appeared.
This is not impossible.
After all, demon resources are too rich.
What’s more, the demon race still occupies orthodoxy!
There is no denying that Di Jun was dominated by the name of Heaven and Earth in the name of Emperor Daozu.
Under such conditions, there must be some hidden powers to take refuge in
Of course, the demon tribe has reservations, and the witch tribe can’t foolishly expose their own strength. They also have some masters to hide.
It’s the population base. No matter how deep the witch family hides, it can’t be deeper than the demon family.
There must be more cards for the emperor.
Too much for people to see through, so as to ensure their own safety
If the card is tried out, the emperor is not far from death.
Feng Zichen can understand the truth, and Di Jun and Di Jiang can certainly understand it.
All the witches were held back by the demon gods, and these six demon gods easily came to the front of the people in the vast land.