He quickly asked the maid to bring clean water to wet the silk handkerchief, and then gently put the feather on his forehead. The feather shrank into his arms like a kitten, and his appearance was very pitiful.
But feather Zhen still feels cold, and she keeps shivering, even if she hides in her arms for seven nights.
I’m at a loss for seven nights. I really don’t know how to warm up the feather.
He put the feather on the left and right floors of the bed and covered it with several layers of quilts, but the feather kept shaking his mouth and moaning softly, "It’s so cold!"
Looking at the delicate strength of the feather’s face for seven nights, the lines became soft. He gently touched the feather’s face and planned to input some spiritual strength, but he just held the feather in his arms and was gently stopped by Zi Li.
"Don’t forget that the feather has a phoenix in it for seven nights. Once you input your spiritual power, maybe your spiritual power will be continuously absorbed into the feather’s body by phoenix. Don’t make the same mistake. We don’t want to steal a chicken and lose a handful of rice," Zi Li warned for seven nights.
Purple from sent a fever ginger water for seven nights, took it, lifted the feather head, and gently poured the ginger water.
Silk handkerchief gently wiped the water drops from the corners of the mouth of the feather, and purple smiled and retreated.
That smile seemed to wake up for seven nights. He took off his feather coat and covered it again. After careful thinking, he suddenly took off his clothes and showed his vigorous and strong body.
His strong chest is as shiny as metal, and his shoulders are as sexy as Greek statues.
What are you going to do for seven nights? You’re not trying to fish in troubled waters, are you? Feather is sick! ————-knitting chocolate.
The demon king turned and looked at the feather pastor again for seven nights. He got out of bed and got into the bed (don’t really want to …? )
He gently lowered his head and bones, and his pure black bright fur quickly covered his sexy skin. His slender fingers turned into sharp leopard claws. When he looked up after seven nights, his handsome face was distorted and his mouth was slowly protruding. Sharp fangs were sticking out of his mouth, and a pair of golden demon pupils were shining. He had completely transformed into that vigorous panther.
Panther gently lowered her head and licked the face of Feather (I wonder if Feather will be scared to death when she wakes up).
It is strong and powerful, and its limbs tightly hold its feather in its arms, and its body curls into an arch, and its thick fur surrounds it like a thick blanket, and its long tail wraps around it like a scarf.
Panther comes with a tough and masculine smell, fresh and delicious, but not as foul and turbid as other beasts. Feathers sniff panther’s body breath, hug panther’s neck and fall asleep quietly, and the whole body no longer feels cold for seven nights. Panther also gently closes the demon pupil.
The night is getting deeper and deeper, and those lonely stars are blinking their eyes tirelessly.
Feather breath gradually becomes even.
In the morning, the feather was awakened from my dream by the clear singing of birds, and I felt very tired as if I had climbed a mountain all night, but I slept comfortably. I felt very warm all the time covered with a thick blanket.
She stretched and slowly opened her big eyes, and suddenly she saw a horrible beast with sharp claws scratching herself.
Feather was so scared that I couldn’t recognize it. Isn’t this seven nights?
Feather anchor quickly and carefully twisted her body out of the panther’s body, carefully checked her clothes and dressed herself well, and she took a long breath.
But why did you turn into a girl for seven nights and hug yourself to sleep?
In my imagination, I almost became the heroine of "love between man and beast" (ah, bah, it’s too impure to get rid of this dirty idea quickly)
———please keep it.
Xiaoxi looked back at the girl as she walked, where pearl-like tears kept dripping and she felt sour in her heart.
He looked up at Ling Mo’s gloomy and handsome face, and suddenly he realized who Shura really liked.
Lingmo Pupil, who has been untouched for thousands of years, was one day disturbed by a human daughter.
Feather Zhen slouches at seven nights with the demon king back to her room. As soon as she got back to her room, she lay in bed and was covered up.
The demon king looked at the bed for seven nights and shook his head. This little girl was quite spoony.
Leave her alone and let her cry for a while. Be quiet.
Seven nights gently closed the door and left the feather room. When I turned around, I saw my sister Zilizheng smiling at herself mysteriously.
Seven nights back to his room with a straight face purple from like a tail to come in.
"Seven nights brother I saw in the window including the shura emperor and princess shura and the little shura now! Since the Shura God gave up the feather, it is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of it. Come on! Show your gentleness! " Violet from naughty to squeeze his eyes.
The Demon King smiled for seven nights and sat in the chair smartly and squeezed his temple. "Take your time. Feather is very sad now. I didn’t expect this little girl to be quite serious."
"Women are more emotional, of course." Purple said thoughtfully.
Seven nights looked at Zili and suddenly smiled "as if you were very experienced"
Purple is slightly red. I haven’t eaten pork and haven’t seen pigs run.
In the evening, seven nights, I walked into the feather room with a bowl of porridge and saw that the feather was still covered and lying motionless.
Seven nights, I gently sat beside the feather and said softly, "Let’s eat something! “
There was no movement at all.
Seven nights is very strange. I was huddled under the bed when I saw the feather face red and cold sweat dripping.