This little white jade operator is the size of a little finger and then melts into Guo Yi’s palm.
"Can this old guy fool me?" Guo Yi doesn’t think there is anything magical about this white jade charm, and then it disappears completely and can’t find a trace of residual breath anymore.
However, Xiao Changsheng seems to be another matter. He found that Guo Yishen’s breath had completely disappeared, even if he was in front of him, he would find him.
Not only Xiao Changsheng, but also Ji Youran closed her eyes at this time. She found that if she closed her eyes, she would not be able to perceive Guo Yi.
"So that’s it. It seems that the master’s old man’s house has shielded all the breath of your body to protect you. No matter whether the other person is a powerful monk or a wise man, he can never find your position again."
Ji Youran learned Guo Yishen’s breath by repairing the capital, which shows that the jade symbol is so powerful.
At this time, Guo Yi naturally didn’t know that the old blind jade operator was not to prevent the enemy, but to prevent the bodhi old zu from the Guo family
Because Guo Yixiu will show his name once he breaks through the clan hall of the Astrology realm, but his name appears in the clan hall. It is natural for the bodhi old zu of the Guo family to send someone to take him back.
But the old beggar’s jade operator suppressed Guo Yishen’s breath of heaven. If Guo Yi didn’t appear in front of the bodhi old zu in person, even the bodhi old zu in Guo could not calculate his position.
"This old guy did a good job this time. Even the Taoist master may not be able to kill me with this jade operator to suppress his breath." Guo Yidao
Slipping away from the old blind, the day after tomorrow, Leng Yue also disappeared, and the dark clouds dispersed, and the light returned to heaven and earth.
Ji Youran is more free and easy than others. Even if she hasn’t seen her teacher for 50 years, she doesn’t trust to directly split the virtual door with a sword and take Guo Yi across the virtual northern wilderness, and the emperor of China is gone.
She said, "If Master wants to see me, he will naturally come to me. If he doesn’t want to see me, I won’t find him. I don’t rely on Master, but on my own to cultivate immortality. I still need to go by myself."
Guo Yi felt that Ji Youran’s statement was quite reasonable, and he asked, "It’s the first time for us to go to a strange place in the Northern Wilderness. Where should we build the Dojo?"
"I’ll leave it to you to establish the Dojo. You can think about it slowly! I am in no hurry! " Ji Youran is very irresponsible to say that and hold the iron sword to close your eyes and practice.
Guo Yi immediately stupidly established the Dojo because she had an accident, but now she has pushed everything to Guo Yi, but she has cultivated herself.
Guo Yi really wants to tell her that it is not necessary to build a Dojo alone, but she also needs to build a mountain gate to recruit her younger brother to teach her skills … and so on, but Guo Yi knows that even if she says it herself, Ji Youran may not dump him. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything
Xiao Changsheng seemed to see that Guo Yi was having a headache now, so he whispered, "Master, what shall we do?"
"What else can I do? Didn’t you see the iron sword shaking in her hand? She’s a big sister. Can we be younger brothers? Or honestly set up Dojo to say again first "Guo Yinai a sigh.
There are 3,000 Dojo, where thousands of ethnic groups gather in Boling Mountain, a vast land in the Northern Wilderness and Heaven, and each side can claim hegemony for hundreds of millions of miles.
However, there are five mysterious holy religions in the 3,000 Dojo, and the status of these five holy religions is several times higher than that of the 3,000 Dojo. The status of the cultivation world is only in China.
It is said that there are strong people in the holy religion who transcend the level of Tao Lord
Of course, whether it is the 3,000 Dojo or the five holy religions and the Northern Wilderness China, they are independent of each other and are controlled by China in name, but they don’t pay attention to the laws and regulations of China at all.
There are celestial laws and regulations in China, but there are also rules in the school of cultivating immortals.
If you want to establish an Dojo, you will be wiped out by the celestial immortal army. Even if you have an order, you must play well with the noble families and official families in China so that you will not be difficult.
Of course, it would be great if it could be found in the Sendo Army of China, because the Sendo Army is the most powerful force in the Northern Wilderness China, which is even more powerful than those Dojo and holy teachings.
Because the Xiandao Army is here to suppress the 3,000 Dojo and the five holy religions!
Virtual road has been flying for nearly a month, and the northern wilderness has finally arrived!
The ninth volume Emperor Huangdu
Chapter 511 Mysterious male
There is a huge land suspended in the vast universe.
The edge of this land is connected with the stars, and no one even knows when this continent appeared or why it appeared.
Know that the name of this continent is called-reincarnation ancient land!
Samsara has been around for a long time, and it has existed since human beings. It is like the center of the universe, where the stars meet when they revolve around it.
Heaven and earth are divided into famine and the ancient land is reincarnated, accounting for five famine!
And the northern wilderness is the northernmost continent of reincarnation, and it is also a wilderness.
I don’t know how many trillions of miles the northern wilderness area is, but no one has ever been able to reach its end, as if it had no end at all.
The northernmost wasteland is that there is no Sunday world, big world and small world, and there is a vast land. It was not until later that these worlds were gradually born that the roots with a long history could not be compared with the Northern Wilderness China.
The emperor is the imperial capital of the northern wilderness and the largest ancient city in the whole northern wilderness.
The whole ancient city says that it is as big as a big world, and the population count in it may exceed 10 trillion, but the population density is the highest in the north.
The most important thing is that if you want to enter the emperor, you need the level of dharma master to practice dharma. The emperor is the best person. If you have the ability to practice dharma, you don’t even have the qualification to be a servant.
Have reached the star master level to have a certain position, but those ordinary giants can be guards, of course, you can also join the Xiandao Army.
Only the strong among the stars can really have a higher status!
Don’t talk about it. Wherever you go, you are the real overlord. When you come to the emperor, if you don’t provoke some big families and nobles in the Northern Wilderness and China, you can walk sideways.
With Ji Youran, the super strong man as the background, Guo Yi and Xiao Changsheng have straightened their chests and hardened their chests. Even the most prosperous land in the whole northern wilderness, they dare to stab a few people towards the sky.
Guo Yi and Xiao Changsheng drove an ancient car dealership with flying feathers to the emperor’s capital city gate.
The gates of the emperor’s capital are quite large, even if 10 thousand ancient cities drive side by side, they will not be crowded
Even guarding the city gate is the peak of the Dharma Lord’s first river, and it has reached the first star of the Star Lord!
At Guo Yi and Xiao Changsheng, the pawn shook his head and smiled. "It’s really poor. It’s my word that I can’t drive this kind of broken car even on foot."
The ancient flying feather car is Xiao Changsheng’s ancient Xuanyu World, which has spent a lot of money to buy. It is made of white crystal and iron. It can fly, run and travel 900 times a day. Wan Li’s ancient Xuanyu is definitely the top ancient car, but it can be regarded as a broken car when it comes to the emperor, and it is also looked down upon by people.
Xiao Changsheng, this guy is not afraid of being proud of his old car. He was said to be a broken car and immediately wanted to jump and teach the pawn a good lesson.
"Forget it, it’s just a janitor." Guo Yi stopped him and took out the Star Wars card from Xianmen. "We’re here to participate in the peak war. Let’s go in!"
Being able to participate in the peak war is a real genius. Although practicing dharma is compared with those extremely strong, it is a talent that is recruited by various avenues and families in China.
Such a person’s future is limitless. Naturally, he must not offend the doorman. He took one look at the Star Wars card and let it go directly.
As for Guo Yi, when they drove into the city gate, a white toothed cart immediately drove to the front of the pawn, which was like a hill pulled by the sun with three legs burning all over.