Shallow to those arrogant to the top of the head Cheng eyes cold.
Lu Wu’s heart had long been dissatisfied with this gift woman, and when she heard her insult, she immediately sneered and said, "You don’t look in the mirror to see what you look like and have the face to talk about others!"
The woman a listen to a face instantaneous distortion bold stare at green weeds "dead girl unexpectedly dare to talk to the princess, somebody please give me the girl’s mouth" she was followed by two maids immediately walked over to the green weeds.
Not far away, ladies from all over the world have noticed that there is a beautiful woman in a smoky green palace. Looking at the rose-red dress, the tea lamp flashed a trace of disgust. "I didn’t expect Mu Ningyu’s arrogant woman to come."
Opposite her, a woman in apricot brocade palace sneered and said, "Is there no good-looking man in Xiyue country?"
"That girl is really unlucky," sighed the first woman in a blue fairy skirt with wide sleeves. "She looks very soft and gentle."
These are foreign princesses, but today’s royal princesses have not come to Kyoto. They are not familiar with them, and it is not easy to pick up the words. They look at the shallow eyes a little more and gloat. Their hearts say that they are not jealous of the shallowness. It is a fake outer room girl who became the most distinguished princess of bei chu royal family overnight. If you don’t envy sitting in the back, Lan Fei looks at the cold face and calm face. She doesn’t think that shallowness will be bullied.
While there watching Mu Ningyu maid coming towards this side angrily, it seems that she didn’t see or hear anything. She lifted her feet and walked directly towards the front.
Mu Ningyu walked past her when she saw the shallow calm, and her face became more and more distorted. What does this mean? Don’t take her words seriously? No, this woman must be deaf. It’s a shame that she didn’t let her go. How dare she walk in front of her? Just when she was about to get angry, she suddenly "snapped" and two maids screamed.
Mu Ningyu looked at the past and saw that the green weeds fanned toward her two maids’ faces like a stake, and her two maids had backhand force.
See mu coagulation feather see green weeds back your hand clap your hands and sigh and say, "It’s really boring to repair people with this skill? It’s not enough, "she said, and she walked directly towards the front. When she passed Mu Ningyu, she glanced at her eyes and flashed a cold meaning. If it wasn’t for the young lady who wouldn’t let her mess around casually, she would also repair this woman.
Mu Ningyu stared at her eyes and clasped her body with both hands, shaking with anger. She suddenly turned around and shouted at the shallow back. "Did you let the princess live for you and let you go?" !”
Nai shallow and green weeds are like not hearing. Go on.
Mu Ning feather was so angry that she didn’t go out with her master and the people around her, and it wasn’t that smelly girl’s opponent’s heart was so angry that she slapped her face behind her and walked towards the front in disgust.
Not far from the pavilion, four men sat around a table and their eyes looked at the woman in a pale blue dress at the same time. Even if her face was plain, she couldn’t pick it out. She seemed to want to drown herself in the crowd, but she seemed to have a temperament. Even in a sea of people, she could be seen at a glance.
Mujing qi cold hum a merciless said, "Mu Ningyu, that woman is really a bitch, bullying the soft and afraid of the hard things."
"The King of Qi said so bluntly, but it was hard for him to admire the world." Xuanyuan Tianyue said indifferently that Elegance’s face smiled lightly, but his purple eyes turned slightly and looked at it and walked towards the rest place for his harem. It was a good woman.
Mu Sheng Xiao smell speech enchanting evil spirit’s face emerged a smile and looked at the crowd and said lightly, "The cousin of the world just made you laugh." The smile was not enough to reach the fundus and the tone of voice was even more insipid.
Chu Wen Lan’s silent eyes have fallen to other places when they see shallowness, and they are disappointed when they don’t know when they are eyebrow eyes.
The maid led Shao to the ladies’ rest place. As soon as she entered the room, she felt that all eyes were on her.
LanFei tilting at shallow came in and nodded at her.
Shallow to have a good impression of LanFei tilting, but also blunt she slightly looked around and found a seat to sit at will.
"Don’t sit in the wrong place, young lady. Not everyone dares to sit on the palace surface." The woman in a smoky green palace said coldly when she picked up the tea lamp.
Look down on your position and sit in the wrong place? She just picked up a position casually, but it seems that there are three positions. The most important one should be Liu Qingqing, opposite Huyang and princess royal. There is one plus her here, which is located in the first position of the female speaker.
"Princess Yuke, this young lady may not know these positions, but if she sits in the wrong place, you will be critical," said the woman in the blue wide-sleeved fairy skirt.
XuanYuanYuKe gave her a look sneer at and said, "This is not right, Princess Qin. If you break the rules, you should be punished or the royal majesty? Of course, Princess Qin used to be a loose princess who understood. "
Feng Qin sipped his lips and bowed his head and didn’t talk.
One side of the apricot brocade palace holds a glass of wine impatiently and says, "What rules and regulations come out to play so seriously?" You sit there, young lady! "
Although these three people have never seen it before, they have also seen portraits over there. These three people are the third to fifth beauties on the list of beauties in heaven. Princess Yuke is the third beauty. The king of the country and the daughter of the emperor have no daughter to dote on this niece, so she sealed her princess. Princess Qin is the fourth beauty. The princess who was sealed this time is the daughter of the West Moon Guofeng family. She came to be a success and helped her to speak at last. She is the fifth beauty. Dong Liang Qi Wang Mujing prayed to kiss her sister. Look, this sex is somewhat similar to Mujing Qi.