"What about the temple?"
Jingyue true fairy asked.
"I …"
The king of Yuanzuo County hesitated a little. "If I don’t go, I’ll wait for your triumph around the big iron mountain."
This accident is true. He scared him.
Before he repeatedly came after Su Mo, he failed repeatedly to make moves on Su Mo’s layout, but he was not threatened by anything.
And this time he was almost killed by the four holy spirits!
"all right"
Jingyue is really immortal. "Take care of the temple and follow me."
Say that finish Jingyue true fairy also jumped into a nose hell.
In addition to them, many monks arrived here and rushed into A-nose hell during this period.
This hellgate is like a wild ancient beast, waiting for its prey to come to it.
The king of Yuanzuo County glanced at the abyss and shuddered. He turned to go hiking around the big iron fence with fear.
After Su Mo fell into A Bi Hell, he found that it was a world of its own, which seemed to be pregnant with different rules and statutes.
He is motivated by God’s knowledge of the law.
That is to say, the secret method of moving the avatar in A-nose Hell!
After Wu Daozun entered Abi Hell, Violet really lost contact.
What I know about the situation in A-bi Hell is what Violet really knows here.
Well, he’s a great man with a town prison tripod, knowing the sea and practicing the Prajna Nirvana Sutra.
Even if there is any danger in this A-nose hell, it should not pose too much threat to him.
Jumped to the top of the head.
Su Mo sneer at one
He deliberately slowed down his body just to lure Yuanzuo County King, Xie Tianhong and others to kill him!
We will catch them all by relying on the method of the four holy spirits.
But this nasal hell may become their grave!
I don’t know how long it took Su Mo to finally land and look around in a down-to-earth manner.
The place where he lives is like a grotesque cave with many black stones, steep and sharp.
The terrain here is complex, and you can see long corridors and dirty black rivers.
There are also layers of terraced fields and criss-crossing buildings, and some black stones form coral pagodas and waterfalls, with no carving marks.
Su Mo didn’t notice the breath and trace of life here.
He didn’t dare to look around and walk in one direction.
Without walking a few steps, he saw a figure lying on the ground not far away.
Su Mo took a closer look.
This man is dressed in a monk’s robe, and his flesh and blood are intact. It’s not long before he fell. It’s this time that a monk broke into A-bi Hell.
The monk has no scars, but his face is purple and he looks terrified. It seems that he suffered great pain and fear before he died!
Su Mo didn’t dare to touch this person’s body, bypass this person and move on.
Not far away, he saw another monk.
The monk’s death is exactly the same as that of the former monk.
But this person holds a magic weapon in his hand, and six scorch marks appear on his face, as if he had been struck by lightning.
Psychic magic weapon!
This person may be a true fairy!
Sue ink heart in a surprised.
This scorch mark is the trace left by the monk when he stepped into the real world and ushered in the magic weapon of Armageddon.