Little Zhu Fujingguang nodded seriously, and he also listened to Zhu Fujingguang in a fog, took a hot bath and changed into clean clothes.
When he came out, he was somehow filled with a big bowl of ginger soup, which was accompanied by that spicy taste. It was a long-lost warmth, so he asked fiercely, "Hey! Aren’t you afraid of me? "
Seeing that Fu Jingguang blinked, the beautiful cat’s eye wrote on the paper that "Jianggu’s classmates helped me and I am a good person."
This is the first time that Jianggu has received kindness from Miyano’s family. He obviously doesn’t know how to deal with it. He touched his face and said, "Yeah, I just don’t like them. I just don’t want to help you …"
Zhu Fujing’s smell speech dyed the lost dark color in the blue eyes, just like a bright gem covered with a layer of gray gauze.
"Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry. Don’t think I lied to you." Descending Valley frantically comforted Fu Jingguang who was about to cry. "I really helped you."
"What are you laughing at?" ZhuFuJingGuang came out with a towel.
Jianggu handed the ginger soup to Zhu Jingguang and said, "I remember when I was a child, hir took me home and almost cried."
Zhu Fujing said faintly, "Didn’t it hurt my young heart because of zer’s duplicity? I really made good friends at that time."
Descending the valley, I looked at all the scenery. "Then I coaxed you for more than an hour and we are not good friends now?"
Zhu Fujingguang smiled. "Of course, zer is my most important person. zer should also take a shower. Don’t catch cold."
Sitting on the bed at night with his head down in the valley.
Zhu Jingguang came into the room with a small cake and asked, "What else?"
"Well, Gin sent a message." Descending the valley, he saw the cupcakes in the hands of Zhu Fujingguang. "Did you bake cupcakes?"
"Well, I saw zer like to eat when I was in the United States today." Zhu Fujingguang handed the cake to Jianggu’s mouth
"Well, I just brushed my teeth." Descending Valley couldn’t resist the temptation to bite the cupcake and slurred, "hir, you are a good cook."
"It’s good that zer likes it." Zhu Jingguang sat down beside Jianggu. "Mud will attend the meeting?"
Descending the valley nodded and said, "It is said that the BOSS took a fancy to a place and asked Gin to make a deal with this boss."
Zhu Fujingguang looked at the past and saw the boss’s photo. "Is this boss with mud?" Mud participation has friction with the organization. "
"I’m in charge of investigating the background of other Gin, so I’d better judge for myself."
Gin received two emails in a bar in the city.
We trade in tropical paradise.
The well mud in the east village has a close friendship.
A week later, Noguchi received a cry for help from Miyano.
"Toujun saves Zhibao!"
You have something to say.
small theater
It was not until the red side expressed their identity that they went down to the valley and asked, "Kudou Shinichi, how did you get the medicine from Gin?"
Kudou Shinichi "…"
Aside Miyano Shiho coldly said, "Oh, this guy was stunned by a blow because he was so fascinated by watching the transaction."
Down the valley "…"
Zhu Fujingguang "… Kudou Shinichi Long Dim Sum Bar"
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