The huge light blade presents the shape of an axe, as if to split the sky.
Liang’s brothers then naturally didn’t resist the courage and scattered like frightened chickens.
But there are still two monks who are directly locked by Tiekui, and they are instantly caught by the light blade.
The two men were frightened to offer a magic weapon of defense, and the small shields on both sides were just blown away by the light blade.
With the squeal of screams, there was almost no accident. The two monks were crushed to dust.
At this time, Zhang Yang just beheaded his opponent and saw Tiekui’s crazy play. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a dreary exercise-the blow alone consumed ten Lingshi.
The mechanical puppet is really the top oil tiger! My family really can’t afford to raise this thug without ordering.
Tiekui growled at the soil fertility of his feet, and the whole person first fired shells towards only three monks then to recover.
Zhang Yangze’s eyes are cold and he is looking at the nearby Liang family bodhi old zu who is trying to restore mana.
Behind the golden wings waved to the front.
Liang’s bodhi old zu knew that Zhang Yang was fierce, but he didn’t think that more than a dozen monks then were killed in just one encounter, and three people still fled.
You know, these dozen people are almost the backbone of Liang’s department. They were scattered all over Guangshen House, and they were transferred back to Yuliangcheng because of the recent escalation of the conflict with Yu’s family.
Who knows that this short time was actually wiped out by people?
This base means that the whole Liang family is completely finished!
The person who fixes the truth values his own life most, but Liang’s ancestors are not particularly afraid of the cause of death. He has lived for more than 1000 years. Seeing that he will reach the end of Shou Yuan in another hundred years, there is no breakthrough in the possibility of deification.
The only thing he doesn’t trust is the whole Liang family, which is also his spiritual sustenance.
But in an instant, the backbone of Liang’s family was destroyed. Without Rao, the bodhi old zu of Liang’s family was firm in mind. At this time, he could not stand the stimulation and was traumatized. It turned out that JingXie spit out momentum.
Chapter two hundred and eleven From
At this time, in the face of Zhang Yang Liang’s bodhi old zu’s eyes, there is still a deep fear in addition to hating accidents.
Your body is full of mana, and you will escape if your body collapses.
Of course, Zhang Yang will not let go. Being kind to the enemy is cruel to himself. Zhang Yang is very clear about this.
Pinch out a strange formula with both hands, then rub your hands into a knife, hold it over your head and cut it hard
Big cut!
Liang’s bodhi old zu just turned around and felt a sharp murderous look coming at a speed that was beyond imagination.
If it is in its heyday, the ancestors of Liang’s family still have the confidence to offer a magic weapon to resist one or two, but now they are seriously injured and their mana surge is blocked. If they don’t respond, they will be cut in the back.
It seems that the whole picture is momentarily still as if the visual illusion occurs, and then the bust of Liang’s bodhi old zu can’t bear it. Suddenly, an oblique thorn slips from the body, and the smooth interface doesn’t even shed a drop of blood from Liang’s bodhi old zu’s chest to waist, which is very strange.
Hey, hey!
Two rings and two interceptors fell to the ground.
Liang’s ancestors were beheaded!
A little man several inches long in the skull of a corpse will fly away in the distance if he escapes instantly.
Zhang Yang’s face was ancient, and he showed great nirvana. He took out a huge colorful palm and fished this "villain" in his hand.
"Let me go! You’re a monster! How dare my Terran city openly slaughter human monks? Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, you can’t escape being killed by my human predecessors! "
Liang’s bodhi old zu is obviously all hope cut off. His face is ferocious and his eyes are splitting.
Zhang Yang smiled slightly. "Maybe there will be a day, but you old bastard can’t see it!"
With the voice of Zhang Yang, the right hand gently strokes the big incision to cast it easily again to kill this Yuan baby.
Great incision can not only kill the body, but also kill the soul.
Even if you practice to the extreme, you can kill everything.
Zhang Yang turned his hand and took out the soul-eating banner to collect the residual soul of Liang’s bodhi old zu Yuan Ying into the black banner.
At the same time, Tiekui has also returned to the three men who fled separately. Brother then killed two of them and finally let the last one escape.
It is not difficult for Shi Tiekui to be a psychic puppet if he wants to slay them properly in terms of strength, although the psychic IQ is a little poor to give the enemy a chance.
Zhang Yang, a mere monk then, is certainly not at ease.
Killed a Yuan Baby Johnson and a dozen monks. Now the most important thing is to harvest the results.
With a wave of his sleeve robe, he took away all the things on the ground, then scattered magic weapons on the ground, and then took out soul-eating banners to collect souls one by one
While Zhang Yang was busy, several streamers in the distance quickly came from far and near to the square and stopped, but it was Yu Zheng, the owner of Yu family, and his party.