The teenager was quiet, too. He was stained with snow flakes and his black hair and white robe. He was frozen in the snow like a frozen ice sculpture.
Huijue was biting the baked sweet potato, so surprised that he forgot to burn his mouth. He blinked and stared blankly.
A calm person has peaches and peaches, and she smiles slyly and confidently. "Women are full of tricks, aren’t they?" It’s just that you tricked me into practicing swordsmanship so skillfully, but you always deliberately lost to me. Is it okay for me to trick once? "
"Now that I have won, let’s fulfill the agreement." She threw peach branches at the snow and splashed white snow crumbs.
The nangongshan dust turned and walked into the room.
The door slammed and tried to push the door.
He leaned against the door panel and blocked the worn door panel.
Taotao asked Hui-jue, "What happened to him?"
At this time, Huijue felt the sweet potato burning in his mouth. He mumbled, "It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t washed my clothes yet, so I went to do laundry."
Taotao called him "Alas, the river ice can’t wash you silly-"
Hui Jue even rolled and crawled away, leaving Taotao alone outside in the snow.
Taotao is not very wise. After thinking for a while, she knocked at the door. "Are you angry with me? Angry that I beat you by cunning? No matter how you want to win, if you win, you can win me like this! "
"Come out. I’ll kiss you if it’s a big deal. We’re even."
"Did you listen to me? No way. Are you really a man? A man is so stingy? "
"Hey …"
Snow falls on the eaves, peaches and peaches look at the white world, and a clever idea suddenly emerges in their hearts.
"You’re not … shy, are you?"
The quiet room became quieter when the voice fell.
Taotao smiled
Instead of knocking at the door noisily, she sat against the door and stared quietly at the snowy and evil wasteland in front of her.
The roof shop was dry thatch collected last year.
A corner of the water tank by the door is missing.
The branches of the hibiscus trees in the East Pole are covered with snow.
The peach trees in front of the house withered and thin.
It’s brutal and desolate here, and the sun can’t see the moon. For ordinary people, it’s a horrible purgatory.
But since she came here, she has never moved her mind, even if it is interesting and lonely. It seems that there is something here that makes her unconsciously miss it.
Once upon a time, she couldn’t speak plainly.
It was at a certain moment that she understood something.
If it were anyone else, even if she had to win, would she kiss?
The door seems to be silent, but it is surging with dark tide
A young girl is seldom so quiet, except sleeping and staring blankly. Most of the time, she is like a sparrow.
Talk all the time, move around, wander around or move bugs.
She was so silent that he was not used to it.
The stone statue that confronted him in the sea of memory last night was branded in his mind.
He seems to have made up his mind that snow-white power swims from his fingertips.
It was not long before the girl was quiet and began to make noise again.
She squatted at the door and read aloud, holding an old book that had been turned over from nowhere.
"Saying that you are as warm as jade confuses my heart in your board house."
"The handsome and handsome young man raised his eyes and looked at the sky as bright as a well-proportioned tree."
"I’m the only one who knows that Tianjin wrote … days when water is poor … what is this word?"
He couldn’t help laughing at the door.
Taotao pondered over the moon’s clear brilliance for a long time and didn’t figure out what to read that word.
The door opened and the Nangong dust came out. "It’s shameless to be illiterate and read poetry."
"I’m shameless," the girl smirked. "I’m shameless. You have no face. It’s just a perfect couple …"
Taotao suddenly stuck.
She turned her head and looked down at him along the corner of his white robe.
"Can you talk? Do you still have a face? " She didn’t blink. "I seem to have seen this face …"
That face appeared with five facial features, eyebrows like distant mountains and oblique pupils like deep water.
It’s not the beautiful face that makes her stunned, but the familiar feeling.
Not only have I seen it, but it seems that the owner of this face is an important person
"I have seen it," Taotao repeated, "but I can’t remember it."
At that moment, thousands of flavors surged past, and Nangong Dust had never had a strange mood.
He has no face, this face is unreal, and the prototype is what she thinks, thinks and likes.
Although she has forgotten the past, there is such a person in her heart
-remember that no matter how big the wind and waves in the sea, he can’t turn over his appearance.
What is that man to her?
A fragrance of flowers brushed the girl back to the wild prison and withered for several years. Peach trees suddenly blossomed in this snowy night.
She murmured, "Will the peach blossoms bloom in the wild prison?"
In the bright snow, the girl’s neck is radiant with white and clear color.
The mood of Nangong dust is like a still lake. A stone is thrown into it, and the waves start to rise.
He tried to bow his head and kiss her, but he held back the idea.
He said softly, "You ordered pollen."
The girl gave a gentle sigh. She looked at the snow and flowers all over the sky and didn’t speak again.
Chapter 59 Chapter 59
God doesn’t cross the suffering of all beings, I will cross it.
Hui Jue wandered around the stream for a long time, his ears were red with cold, and he walked home slowly until he couldn’t stand the cold.
Far away, he smelled a wisp of flowers.